Allow me to share the small things which get me through the week and also the top ten reasons I like football:

One) I like Fall weather, which in turn means Football Season.

Reason: I could curl up on my sofa using the old college Football betting of mine, slide the screen door open, as well as feel the chill of the air. Regardless of whether you reside in Minnesota or maybe Florida, you’ve to confess the shift in the climate puts you in the mood!

Two) I LOVE tailgating.

Reason: more, football, family, friends, drinks, and Food . What more would you request? Not convincing enough? What about music that is loud, horseshoes, absurd photos with buddies and did I mention food, drinks, family? and friends!

Three) I like pep rallies.

Reason: Reminiscent of high school in which the band plays, the cheerleaders cheer, as well as the bonfire burns into the wee hours of Friday nights.

Four) I adore decking out in the teams shades of mine on game.

Reason: Whether it is my new Jay Cutler Denver Broncos jersey or even that navy blue face paint I simply purchased, nothing is much more fun the dressing in the spirit of football.

Five) I like football food.

Reason: Bratwursts, Chips, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Dips (Queso!) —Need I say more?

Six) I LOVE the action.

Reason: Contact sports are actually probably the best. Viewing superhuman males run, juke as well as smash the opponents of theirs is actually thrilling at the very least.

Seven) I like the fans.

Reason: 80,000+ screaming fans of various backgrounds rooting for the beloved team of theirs makes for a really entertaining mid-day.

Eight) I LOVE the family of mine.

Cause: Obviously among some other reason, the family of mine and I write about a love for football which means family gatherings of you watch the favored teams of ours during football season.


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